Save a single image

Please provide option to save a single image when multiple are loaded into Topaz Ai.

You can do by selecting from the filmstrip and save each individually.

I see no option in the popout to save a single image.
Only when closing the image.

I may want to export the same image multiple times with different adjustments - this cannot be done easily if I have to close the image every time.

There should be a simple Save Image option, per image

My apologies, you are right you can only Save on close, either all or right-clicking on the thumbnail in the filmstrip will allow you to close individual images even as a standalone.

Yes, I am using standalone.
There should be a simple Save Image option, per image, or better yet - save Selected Images

Such options already existed in Denoise AI, Sharpen AI and Giga AI batch processing, where checkboxes per image could be used to include/exclude images from the batch.

Don’t forget to vote for it on this thread (top) I already have.

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There are lots of little features like this that would give the app more cred to stand on its own as a fledged app. So the question is whether topaz is developing a true competitor to Photoshop or if they hope one of their competitors acquires them to integrate their technology and leaving the Topaz team very well off. These might be the glory days right now.

Why would you think Photo AI is being developed as a competitor to PS? Not even close.

You’re right, Topaz lacks the range of features to compete with Photoshop. Instead they’ve found a gap in functionality that they can fill that photoshop isn’t filling.

But that’s why I think Topaz is appealing in the marketplace…. If I were in alliances and acquisitions in the space I’d be looking at having meetings with Topaz. It has nothing to do with loyalty. It’s about joining forces to create a powerful package with features everybody wants.

We may have to agree to disagree but all will be revealed in time, and the ruthless forces that drive commercial software development will have their way. They always do.

I don’t see that happening as Adobe have already chosen their path on the AI development. Concerning AI apps, because of their complexity and methodologies used, are usually internally inconsistent with traditional applications and typically are built from the ground up.

Whatever you say. We’ll just see how it goes.