Saturation problems still there when saving back to Lightroom - pictures are terrible in white balance and too "warm"

Since the updates from AI 13.0 there has been an increased problem with Topaz adding a huge amount of saturation to the image when saving it back to Lightroom. The colors are just terrible. There seems to be no solution to this problem at all, making Topaz AI a nuisance and quite useless for good and proper images even if it sharpens and denoises the image well. You will not see the problems while using Topaz, but they occur when saving them back to Lightroom. Really disappointed that Topaz cannot fix this.

@marco.helles Thanks for reporting this.

I’d love to help you with some troubleshooting. In this case, it would be easier if you opened a support ticket at using the beacon on the bottom right corner of the page.

This is because I’ll need specific information about your computer and images. Thanks!

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