Santiago de Compostela

A preset I’ve been working on. Quite extreme, but I like it.

LR and Studio


nice images but as you said: “quite extreme”. A little too extreme for my taste but you are the artist and this is what matters


with @Laundromat

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Very interesting…if you decide to share the preset would you please post the name of it here. There are so many public presets now I find it almost impossible to find anything unless I know what I am looking for lol.

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I really like this and would be interested to see your preset.

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OK, I’ve made it Public and called it “Funky Stone”. I wanted something that would bring a sense of fun to stone buildings, it works better on some images than others. Feel free to experiment.


Mond, thank you for sharing. I am usually much more traditional but this preset was fun to work with. I honestly have no idea how I got to here…it involved Soft Sepia Portrait, Molten Gold and of course Funky Stone. I’m sure you know the drill, click, blend mode, modify…This is where I ended up. Again, thank you for sharing.

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Very interesting processing, particularly on the second image.

thank you very much for sharing the preset.

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