Samsung SRW support removed?

I use the software irregularly, so I don’t know when it stopped being able to read the raw files from my Samsung NX1 and NX500, but please put it back. There are still a few of us using these old but still very capable cameras.
When trying to open one of these files, I get the “Unsupported file format” error message, and the image doesn’t open. But for some reason the quick open thumbnail appears.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Get a Samsung Camera
  2. Try to open a raw file from it

Topaz Photo AI [v2.2.2] on [Windows 10]

Not sure what’s happening on your system, but I’m pretty sure camera support hasn’t been removed from TPAI. I’ve been able to open a couple of raw samples (srw format) from the NX1 and NX500 just fine.

Would you be willing to try if I send you a file?

tor. 15. feb. 2024, 02:16 skrev alanhusband-677420 via Topaz Community <>:

I don’t mind trying one of your files. Give me a Dropbox shared link or similar.

Links to google disk gets blocked. Could you DM me an email I can share the link to?

Maybe this will work instead?

I got them.

3297 opened, processed and exported in TPAI without issue.
3296 gave the unsupported format message (it opened ok in PS).

This seems like a more complicated problem now. You’ll have to get support to look at these to determine why this is occuring.

Thanks for the help, but how do I do that?

At the bottom-right of the mainsite page there is a support link (a blue button with a speech bubble).

A customer support person might spot this thread, but the site link is probably more reliable.

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Thanks for reaching out to us at the Topaz Labs Support Page :slight_smile:

Our developers are looking into this issue.

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