Samsung Expert Raw

Topaz tools do not load correctly Samsung Expert Raw DNGs (i.e.: large underexposure). Samsung Camera Pro Mode DNGs on the same phone work correctly.

Steps to reproduce issue:

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Topaz Photo AI v1.2.6 on Windows

You will need to mention the camera model and let them know what applications do load the expert raw correctly.

I believe that you are talking about an application for some Samsung phones.

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Camera model is Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

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Raise a support request at the main website as I see that it is a separate application for the phone so it depends on LibRAW support.

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Hello. I have the same issue. So, I guess that there is still no fix for this bug?

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Unfortunately this is currently not one of our supported camera RAW files. In the meantime, please convert them to DNG files.

Thanks for understanding!