Same problem as 1.3.1

Hi, I reported the following in the 1.3.1 thread and Anthony.Lawn replied that it would be addressed by the next release - but [sorry] there’s been no change.

"Over the last 3-4 updates I’m increasingly getting the following error message when saving a processed RAW file: “Failed to process photo. Topaz Photo AI either failed to start or did not finish successfully. Exit Code 3221225477”.

Opened RAW files [Panasonic RW2 & Ricoh DNG] through Plug In Extras in latest Lightroom Classic. When I exit and save [even with default Autopilot values] the file appears to successfully save when viewed in LRCC but always gives the error code.

It initially started only when batch processing 3+ files but has increasingly got worse with each update. It now gives the error code with almost every single file opened, processed and saved."

Hope this helps, keep up the great work :+1:

We released v1.3.3 which should have another potential fix for this issue. Please update to the latest version and let me know if you are still seeing this exit code appear.

If you are, follow the instructions in this video to send me the crashpad zip (Windows).

I can share this with my team so we can fix it.

I installed 1.3.3 and processed 6 images individually without the problem occurring - then batch processed 5 further images and it worked perfectly.

Thanks for the bug squashing and taking the time to reply…



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