Safe harbour

Capture One Pro, TS AI Sharpen, AI Remix, image layer


This is good. A Neon Rise (from AI ReMix) does suffer from what I call the ‘black gash syndrome’ you can see one at the top left of the roof in the center of the photo. Just a smidgen of masking’ll do it!

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Great result

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Jack, I agree but that one does not bother me a lot. What bothers me is that many of the AI Remix filters produce really nasty halos which in most cases you cannot remove/clone. Quite a bit of intelligence is missing there :unamused:

Cheers Peter

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My technique is to layer the Remix on top of the original and then use opacity or a differing blend mode to control a deal of the Remix ‘overkill’. Try using several different blend modes - the ones which seem to work best are luminosity, color, saturation, hue, pin, hard, soft overlay, lighter and darker. Each gives a radically different look, and some deal with the halos/slashes/gashes better than others.

I for one do not exclusively use Remix - I always use it with say, an oil paint filter, or something from Nik, a different blend mode as I say - or even Dreamscope or NeuralStyle. Check out Greg Rostami’s excellent webinar on using Remix - Rostami masks away the more over excessive parts of the Remix effect.


I really like this. I’d hang it on my wall.

Thanks, glad you like it