Ruins of the former Siamese Capital at Ayutthaya

A Chedi from the ruins of the former Siamese Capital at Ayutthaya … RAW processed to TIF in C1 then ON1 RAW 2018 for replacing the dull grey skies, it was raining, with a skies texture, a little dynamic contrast and some glow … then was exported as TIF and Studio was used to apply a 2D Thai Style preset at 80% opacity with a little of the effect brushed off the Chedi …

Still the RAW conversions by C1 are unmatched and the Texture module in ON1 is easier to use because of the ability to apply levels to the Luminosity masking. Then to Studio for my Thai 2D Effect from Impression where the masking is suitable for adjusting the effect, especially as the density of the mask can be adjusted after painting the mask. Then you need to take it to another application such as Affinity Photo or ON1 to resize the export …


couple of questions @AiDon
compared to PS or ReMask how easy is sky replacement in ON1?
compared to Texture Effects (not the Studio edition) how easy is the application of effects in ON1?

I’m familiar with the old versions when they had the generic “Perfect” names

Easy … the masking is a great help now, Luminosity & Color masks are especially impressive with the additional control.

Again easy, but remember that if you are used to TE it is different. One great thing is that if you import textures you use the file name not a app generated name …


Remarkable looking image…well done.

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Nicely don Don …

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so many choices…keep you busy :slight_smile:
Great shot and processing

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A beautifully processed image. Thanks for the answers you gave to Terry’s questions.

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thanks @AiDon

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