Hi, I use TVAI/VEAI since V2 mostly to upscale and clean old movies.

Now I decided to replace my RTX3060TI with a RTX4070TI and expected much faster results.
But there´s no improvement at all in TVAI.

I loaded a blurry 1 hour 1080p movie chose Themis and Theia to clean and sharpen the footage.
It showed me 8 hours render time with the 3060TI.

Then I installed the 4070TI loaded the same movie with the same settings and it showed 8 hours again.
Can this be correct?

My CPU is a Ryzen7 5700X on a Mortar Max B450 with 32GB very fast HQ RAM running Windows 11.


are you using V3.1.X?

How is the CPU loaded while Export?

I’ve a intel 7820X (8 Core) and it looks like maxed out, breaking down my Quadro RTX 5000.

Hi, yes I used V3.1.1 for this test.

CPU load is 50%, GPU load is 97% with 4070TI.

Which CPU do you have?

hooops :sweat_smile:

I think a more recent CPU with DDR 5 would be faster, but i don’t know by how much.

TVAI was limited by CPU before 3.1.X and it is now.

I would need more CPUs to test this, but on my Ryzen 5900X, it seems to be loading the 12 physical cores as much as it can, the SMT ‘cores’ are loaded to about half. At least, as reported by Task Manager. The overall usage stays around 60%, but it’s really being used as much as it can be by TVAI.

Getting a newer CPU would speed things up, but you should be seeing that with the 4070ti.
From the tests I have ran, I know that storage drive speed can slow it down. RAM frequency on AMD CPUs makes a speed difference, and overclocking the GPU can also increase speed.

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3060 ti is a really good GPU for the price but 4070 ti has 50% more memory and 57% more Tensor and CUDA cores, and should be faster. But I’m not sure if that necessarily applies to a straight 1080p ‘cleanup’ job.

Would be interesting to see your times for an upscale to 4K - you may find that’s where the improvement starts to really show up - CPU permitting of course.

As most of my edited movies have quite bad source quality and are <720p I don´t even try to upscale them to 4k, this is only burning time and energy.
But sometimes you find a movie that has been converted to 1080p without proper upscaling or it is just a bad DVD rip.
There I only do “clean up” jobs.

Exactly, in Resolve or even Filmora there is a more than noticable effect, only in TVAI I couldn´t see an improvement.
As my CPU usage is only 50% I don´t think there´s need to change anything, but no sign of a shorter export time at 97% GPU load is not what I expected.