RTX 2070 GPU

Can someone please tell if Topaz Mask and adjust support the RTX2070 and the I7 processor with 32 G/B memory.

My wife and I are buying new desktop and she does still picture editing, no movies. But we want to the right thing

Please do not make duplicate posts. The minimum requirements for each of the apps are linked to on this page:


I have this GPU and it works very well with Mask AI and Topaz Adjust/Topaz Mask.

Jack, when using on single photos, do you know how much the GPU is utilized ?

Paul, Can you please tell me how you use these downloads. My wife purchased Mask and Adjust and had them on a 5 year old basic AMD system, which we are replacing. Once we get the new system can we use these to reload. Sorry for the basic question, but I am trying to get Topaz labs running efficiently for her. I think I have the hardware figured out. Once we get it, then I have to migrate the Elements and Topaz studio and plugs in to new system

Any comments would be appreciated.

I used Topaz reMask 5 - it hardly registered any GPU usage. Mask AI went as high as 52% - now it seems stuck in a “One-time Performance Benchmarking: CPU” logic loop!! :smiley:

But it’s OK though, it eventually pulled out of the loop!

After calibration - the GPU did not go much above 10%.

I am running a 1Tb SSD, 64Gb RAM, and this 8Gb RTX 2070 … Win 10

There’s no need to migrate from the old machine, just download the relevant apps from the page I linked to your new computer and then install them.