Rotation Issue

Seems like this issue has been raised before but as an update literally just occurred, thought I’d mention it. Images pretty much speak for themselves.

From Photoshop, CS6

From Affinity Photo

It reverts upon OK or Exit, but still quite annoying.

Just right-click on the layer you are passing and select Rasterize Layer. But, if you are using the Beta version and have a crop you will have to select Layer-> Rasterize & Trim

Ok. That worked. So it’s an Affinity issue.

Probably should ask them but when I select Rasterize …, how do I tell in Affinity that it’s actually done anything? That layer now stays verticle in TS but I couldn’t see any indication in AP that is was now Rasterized.

The issue is that Affinity doesn’t pass the metadata to the plugins. In fact affinity treats images as an image object and has non-destructive editing.