Rotation and mirrored edges in image

Same problem with added image corruption.

DeNoise saves the Nikon NRW raw file as PNG and TIFF correctly ie. it applies the NRW rotation (I had the camera on its side to photograph a yacht mast) with no corruption.

Then I bought PhotoAI and while it displayed as portrait during editing, it saved as landscape.

Worse, everything near the borders has been reversed in before/after AND the thumbnail AND the saved image (PNG) , even with noise and sharpening disabled. None of the original image is affected, it seems to add a border based on copying and mirror-imaging the edges all around.

Nikon NRW : 3456x4608 (3:4 ratio)
Nikon JPEG : 3456x4608 (3:4 ratio)
Topaz (ALL) : 3470x4624 (3:4 ratio give or take)

As best I can tell, DeNoiseAI on its own is upscaling the image to fit the slightly larger image size, but via PhotoAI it’s producing the same larger file but instead of upscaling the picture toi fit the image seems slightly smaller than the Nikon’s JPEG, with the additional overall image size being padded out by flipping a strip on each of the four sides to fill the space. Weirdly the point where the image reversion occurs isn’t the same both sides so I can’t just crop it off without losing image. ie. the wire at bottom left reverses about 110 pixels from the bottom, the one on the right closer to 120px.

The NRW has never been edited. I have to confess to owning a cr4ppy Nikon P1000 tho, a novelty camera with a weird aspect cellphone sensor (I miss my D600 but I don’t miss the bag of lenses!) and opening my old D600 NRW files is FINE.

Please send me the files so I can test the behavior and check what is happening.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

Hi Lingyu, thanks for replying I really appreciate it!

I’ve uploaded DSCN1866.NRW to your dropbox, it seems to do this on load because the thumbnail at top right in Photo AI is already affected before any processing occurs.

This was the first time I used your software though, I was just unlucky with my choice of images to test it in I think because I’ve used it on a lot of other photos from the same awful P1000 now and the entire suite is amazingly good, I’m absolutely loving it :slight_smile:

Here’s the windows preview (I have NIkon Capture NX-D installed so that may be handling it) ;

Wellington, NZ.

Wellington, NZ.

Thanks for sending the file Geoff. I was able to reproduce the issue with Lens Correction on.

Please turn off lens correction in the Edit > Preferences > General menu. Toggle Lens Correction off and Save.

Perfect, tested and approved - thank you, I’m happy with that :slight_smile:


Please reach out if you need anything else.

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