Rostock impressions_2

RAW conversion


Great scene!

Do your comments mean that you are only using Topaz Studio for RAW conversion for these shots? Is it working well?

No, I have actually never processed a RAW file in Studio. I am using Capture One Pro as my RAW converter. The comment just means there are no other adjustments made


Well done Peter. when you say no adjustments were done, I assume you mean in Capture One and that all the adjustments were done in Studio, is that correct? I have brought RAW photos straight into Studio and used my preset with AI clear on them and the results were really good.

No, as you know RAW files can look quite flat. Therefore I do adjustments including adjustment layers in Capture One before I export images to .tif or .jpeg. Good to hear that you are satisfied with AI Clear. I used the trial but I do not see really a use for me. I stick with non-destructive adjustments in CO. This is not saying that AI Clear is bad.