Taken in the Italian Dolomites.

Processed with Topaz Studio 2 - AI Remix and Impression

Processed with Topaz Studio 2 - AI Clear, Precision Contrast, Prescion Detail, Dehaze, Curves


I like this legend about how the Alpenglow was created


Lovely mountain scene. I prefer the second version with photo processing. Great shot.

Nice work Ken. I like all of these, but the second is my favorite.

I agree with all above …second version for me.

First of all very nice photo! I like both processed versions but tend to the second one also.
There is a tiny problem, though…this is not the Rosengarten. The mountain on the left is called Langkofel and the mountain on the right is the Plattkofel. I know this because I have been hiking there quite some years ago. I love the dolomites. I attach a pic of the Rosengarten. This is not my image. I took it from Wikipedia

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Thank you for the very nice comments, @Artisan-West, @XiaoLin, @BobKramer and @Laundromat. Later, I will post some photos of the delightful cows we saw and heard (cowbells) on the hikes.

Peter - sorry I got the names of the peaks wrong.

Here is a nice sign we saw when we were hiking (the peaks that I photographed and the ones you named are in the far left of the photo in the sign)

I have camped in Val di Fassa, in the Lee of Catinaccio. Che belleza!

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stunnning work

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @Torcello and @aldussault.

I like hearing about @Torcello and @Laundromat s experiences there - it makes me want to back and see even more of the region…

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no problem at all, Ken . The whole area there is breathtaking.

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