Rocky Mountain Sunset


I hadn’t played with Impression in awhile and thought this sunset from my recent trip west was a good candidate. Thanks for looking.

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The brush stokes and colors both turned out well.

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nice result

I agree with Ken and I also like the lighting on the mountains.

Thank you Ken, Peter, and John. @KenKv @Laundromat @cre8art

I used a small brush (type 1) because I wanted to get good detail in the colors within and on the edges of the clouds. I really like working with the color panel in Impression. It enabled me to get that look of the clouds glowing from the inside. My favorite part is how the deep oranges and reds light up the dark, lower clouds. The color sliders also brought out the shadowy look of the rain showers below.

John, I’m glad you thought the mountains came out well. Even though the sun was down below the mountains, they weren’t quite silhouetted. Here again, the sliders in the Impression color panel helped me adjust those dark blues to capture the lighting and detail on the mountain tops.

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You mention you used Impression in your PP. Was it the older version or the Impression version in Studio? I agree with you about using the color panel… I use it a lot myself.

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This one was done with the plugin version from LR --> PhotoFX.

Thanks Scott

Of course, the same result could be gotten with a LR --> Studio --> Impression in Studio flow since the Studio version is the same plus the latest updates.

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