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Hi Developers,

I wanted to find out something. I read the latest June roadmap. Below that, it says you will be working on blurry tile issues in the months ahead. Is it possible to find out the priority status on the blurry tiles/patches problem, like where it would be in the pipeline specifically? Weeks, month, several months?

My commercial project moving forward is dependent on Photo AI. And, I have developers myself that are all on hold due to this issue, so I hoped to find out more specifically when it might be addressed, vs sometime in the months ahead, if possible please? Thank you!


I have recently read the archives …it is a reoccurring promise.

I have found that hifi enhancement (with no sharp/blur parameter options) is better than std/low-rez as they tend to have patchy hyper hallucinated detail which makes the blur stick out. I think the focus has been mistaken on blur, when it is really patchy detail the cause.

I suspect that it is related to depth mapping, which decides to tend a texture segment to blur or detail, that it is actually a failure of texture segmentation. I suspect it only has fore/aft depth planes and cannot deal with complex overlapping boundaries.

Like the sharp/face ai they should show graphically what depth segmentation is being done and allow editing of it and control over strength of the effect (not massive blur next to hallucinated zebra stripes)- this will help fix it short term as well as debug what trips it as well as show when it is not depth map related.

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That makes a lot of sense, but at the end of the day, I still can’t use PAI for blown up photos due to this. If I say patchy oversharpness issues, the problem still persists no matter what i call it. Lol. Anyway, I like your detailed input on this concern, thank you!

Fixing the grid issue when upscaling is a goal for next quarter. We are investigating solutions and haven’t found a good one yet.

For now, I can share a workflow to help you get around this issue.

  1. Use Raw Remove Noise OR Enhance Resolution instead of both at the same time.
  2. Process with Raw Remove Noise, convert the DNG to non-RAW, process a second time with Enhance Resolution.
  1. This happens with Enhance Resolution only
  2. This happens with every image format, it never had anything to do with RAW processing.

You seem confused on what this issue is.

Yes, I thought this was about the grid artifact.

See devenspc and I prior posts on this topic, this was not a bug report as those have been made previously, the request was for an update.

With nature photos things like grass and stones and foilage will have patches of detail and blur within the same texture segment using Enhance Resolution. The prior responses was maybe depth mapping texture segmentation, then there was a diversion that it was retraining bokeh, it has been referred to as tiles as it was thought tied into each AI block processing not being consistent within a texture segment.

@devenpsc @kevin.shank-0439

A researcher on the team is currently fine-tuning the model for this issue. They do not have an estimated timeline for it yet, there are multiple candidates for a fix and no clear solution yet.


Thank you for taking the time to respond and to at least give us some information. I really appreciate it.

To remind, I have yet to have any nature photo of many run through Photo AI, on countless settings combinations in PAI that does not have big blurry or smeared sections of the photo. Kevin the other poster and I have tried numerous work arounds and have failed. I’ve tried all file formats, various sharpness and compression settings when exporting for PAI. Nothing works.

As I’ve said before, it literally makes Photo AI completely unusable for blowing up photos, unless a person likes large blurry/smeared spots in their enlarged photos. (I’m not talking about faces. I don’t use that function often.)

I hope you guys can figure out the issues soon, because your software could be truly amazing if you did.

Thank you, and please keep the community posted on this particular concern.

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