Revisit Settings in TS after saving and closing file

Is is possible to revisit settings selected in TS after the file is saved back to LR and closed in TS? I would like to be able to revisit the effects after later review, like to change the opacity of an effect or to remove a vignette, for example. I am thinking about how one can save layers, etc in a PS file.

The image returned from Topaz Studio to Lightroom has all your Adjustments applied to the image file yo sent to Studio and you cannot re-edit that.

The option you have is to save a copy as a TSP (Studio Project File), which is a non-destructive process, but that will not be recognised by Lightroom so it would be a copy, this is re-editable in studio but would complicate your Lightroom workflow as it wouldn’t appear in your catalog.

Ok, thanks. That answers the question. I wondered what was different about the Project File.