Retourn of deinterlacing with vegas pro

After a lot of years, I have just tried to deinterlace my video with the GPU on Vegas Pro, and I have just discovered in fact that it is very good. Compared to QTGMC, the difference is that it does not manage the noise and quality of the desenside, but on the other hand it restores absolutely all the details, and it leaves no stairs. After having done passages of my films 8mm digital 8 and HI8, it turns out that it keeps more details fine compared to QTGMC or Dione or Proteus etc … So a single pass with Proteus and the details are more real.
And now Proteus V4 is powerful enough to repair the artifacts that the deinterlacing does not correct


Care sharing some screenshots of your deinterlacing settings in Vegas?

there are no effects to add. you just have to select the gpu in the project properties and render the video in uncompressed avi. :wink:

I will post a screenshot around 16h

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here are the project settings, I leave it in HD to be able to quickly compare between the original and the final rendering by reading 1 to 2 seconds of video, you just have to modify the frame a little, and you can export to avi even with a modified frame, as long as when exporting you leave it in 720 x 576 with the ratio of 1.0926.

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