Retirement is great. Just drop your line, wait and relax

First time submitting. Processed in LR plus Studioand

Impression 2


Relaxing image …I like the muted colors and tone.

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Being retired isn’t bad. Very peaceful, relaxing,well done image.

Welcome to the forum! Very nice post, I like the mood you have created!

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Very nice mood, might straighten the horizon though

I agree with Bob’s comment about the colors and tone… nicely done.

Nicely done…and welcome!

Nice catch, I thought I had taken care of this in LR. Correction made.

Thank you all very much for your comments. Very much appreciated

Very nice image. My only suggestion would be to back off of the texture a bit; especially on the gentleman’s face. It’s most noticeable when viewed large.

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superb capture

Thank you Terry. That’s very kind of you.

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