I found the results of removing a seam line from my car to be perfect. If I hadn’t known the seam was there before, I’d never have known it.

I do suggest to use the [ and ] keys to adjust the size of the brush. This allows me to place the brush on the item I wish to remove and size it without taking my eyes off the brush/item as I so when sizing with the mouse click.

It should work using the [ and ]. Can you update in case you’re missing some model files? Thanks!

I tried it again both standalone and within PS 25.1. Neither [ or ] worked.

I uninstalled the product cleanly and then reinstalled. the [ or ] keys still aren’t working to resize the area to retouch. I only tried standalone after the clean reinstall.

I see you’re referring to the retouch tool. At the moment that’s in beta, and the finer details will be added soon in a future release. At the moment, we’re focusing on nailing down the performance.