ReStyle suddenly pixellated!

I opened ReStyle as a plugin direct from Photoshop, and also via Topaz Studio inside Photoshop (toggling HD Preview makes no difference) and I’m getting this pixellated look. Windows scaling is set at 100% and the screen resolution (1920x1080) is correct. All video drivers are current.

I have noticed in my dual monitor setup (1920x1080 and 2736x1824) the smaller resolution screen is where its getting pixellated (Surface Pro4). I will see if the scaling (currently 100% and 200%) would be much happier being equal?

Problem solved - dual-monitor setup using a Surface Pro4 seems to demand equal scaling on both monitors.

Hi Jack,

Check that your settings are set to Extend and then drag the app to the second and it should be OK.

Try this troubleshooting here:

BUT … ReStyle is an old app that may not have support for HD monitors.

And I added this because there are lots of rules for the Surface and external monitor(s) or TV …

On the 1920x1080 (non HD) monitor, it pixellates. On the native SPro4 monitor 2376x1824 it is OK. I adjusted the 200% scaling on the SPro4 down to 100%, and the 1920x1080 monitor is now OK. So the predicament seems to be that I have discovered that I must use 100% scaling for both monitors! Thanks for your help @AiDon

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