Restyle and Clarity frequent crashes

I don’t suppose there is any point to complaining here as Topaz has abandoned development and fixes for stand alone plugins. Not looking for tech support, but Restyle 1.1 & Clarity 1.1 frequently crash for no reason, then they will work OK for awhile- have tried everything, clean installs, install as administrator etc. Issue has been mentioned by others previously during the big push for Studio development at the expense of stand alone plugins- a real shame.
Sorry but I just can’t get on board for Studio due to this. I like using stand alone plugins with the presets too.

Last step is uninstalling the plugins and reinstalling the prior versions which were more stable and never crashed.

I’ve had similar troubles and found the cause being available memory. Try using them with as few as possible other applications running.

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I have 16GB of memory and an Intel I-5 3.5 ghz. processor. More than enough. These are the only two plugins of Topaz that act up- others, like Detail, Adjust, Denoise etc. work fine and never any issues.

Besides random crashes, Menu items like Help & User Guide don’t work. I think it is a mistake for Topaz to abandon work on the stand alone plugins- I understand their road map for Studio, but it is a long way from being anything I would want to use as it is now.

Clarity also crashes for me every time I try to use it. Do not really care for the set up in Studio.

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