Restore Inputs, Outputs, Layout on quit/relaunch

(If this behaviour is already expected, let me know and I’ll repost this as a bug report with logs)

I know there are multiple requests to allow Pause/Restart processing, but this is even simpler:

What if I pause output and lose my work (or recover a partial export, etc), and intend to use “Process Again” or anything to resume it — but I also need to close the app or restart the computer? I’d like the same output queue to appear on relaunch please. Just pick up where I left off.

As it is, I’m even shocked to find the window position is reset when I relaunch the Topaz app.
That’s just a little insult on top, haha — I had all my notes and file folders set up nicely next to it.

Like a project library? Yes, this is something we are interested in exploring!

Yes I think so. I’m quite keen for any feature at all to be deployed ASAP though! Can the current “state” (list of inputs & outputs) just be saved on Quit? It feels so deflating to open the app to factory settings.

This wasn’t bothering me a few weeks ago but now I am moving from 1-week jobs to 1-day jobs, I really need my settings + inputs to be there all the time. Thanks @ida.topazlabs.

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Yes, I agree… I would imagine we all agree :stuck_out_tongue:

Our team is fully focused on resolving some longer standing issues at this time. Once we have buttoned up these issues we will be freed up to focus on bigger projects like this and a pause and resume option.

Thankyou! This software project (and this forum) has to be one of the most energetic out there. Lots of passion and momentum.

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I know you good folks have tons on your plate, but as a paid commercial product, it’s really not good that VEAI doesn’t have a RUF (recently used files: AKA “Open recent >”) function. All your other (e.g. Gigapixel/Photo AI) products have it, and rightly so. It’s a basic feature of all file-opening software apps.

This is especially important for VEAI as we repeatedly test features and updates against the same source clips. But finding them is a real PITA (pain in the …).

File Import opens the last-accessed folder. But then you have to go find the exact clip amongst a ton of similarly-named files. And the source clips in other folders are even harder to remember and find.

Don’t make us write down stuff (in this case paths to and names of clips) to repeatedly test your software: please add a RUF feature ASAP. At least 10 RUFs, please.

The topic you’ve moved this under is a great idea, too, but it’s a different idea. For one, I don’t want BASIC functionality delayed by grand thinking of more complex features.

A RUF is literally a single little text list of the last N files opened, updated each time a file is opened. It’s very straightforward to move items in the list, either adding a new file to the top (MRU) of the list and dropping the oldest one, or swapping it there from lower (already) in the list. And behaving nicely on file selection if said file no longer exists. That’s it. Fairly simple and straightforward coding work.

The suggested function in this thread, “Restore previous session”, is separate and different from a RUF. It might be quite a lot of work if you have to write a text lexicon of the state of every control and object to write and read from file. So I can see that might be a ways off. But I completely agree with the OP that it’s disturbing to open VEAI only and ever to Factory Settings as though you’d NEVER used it.

And, greater ideas of “project management” are welcome, but no reason to put off basic RUF functionality which would remain even in the face of Restore Previous Session, and project management.

So, pretty please?

I agree. I didn’t see my title changed. If the headline is “Project Library” it is scope creep.

Whereas “Restore Previous Session” and “Recently Used Files” is standard desktop app-like behaviour.

I changed it, because there were a few related, the title you chose is great, thank you!