Resolution problem with AI products

Starting with a jpg with resolution of 72 ppi, and using jpeg to raw AI, I can choose to have it change the image to a .tif or .tiff, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the resolution to anything else. Same problem with AI Denoise and AI Sharpen.

Previous versions allowed me to change the resolution to 300 ppi, which is what I want.

Is there any way to make the change like it used to be or am I missing something?


There has not been an option to change the DPI as it is irrelevant in a RAW file, the options are DNG, TIF or TIFF only.

Gigapixel AI is the Topaz application that allows you to manipulate the scale based on DPI/PPI

Ok, so is it recommended to use Gigapixel AI first? I had thought jpeg to raw should be first, then denoise ai then sharpen ai, then work with the image in studio and finally end with gigapixel, but it sounds like I am doing this all wrong.

What is the best workflow using the AI tools? I start with a jpeg, and want to get to a tiff as soon as possible with a resolution of 300 ppi.

@sheilac You usually want to remove defects (Noise, etc) first like you expect. Don’t worry about the ppi, the picture contains the same number of pixels until you enlarge or reduce it. I would use Jpeg to RAW first and the steps you originally did and keep the tif format. You can change to 300 ppi as the last step when enlarging.

Good! , Thank you Artisan-West!