Resizing in Photo AI in Photoshop

please allow resizing in photoshop in Photo AI

And other apps, such as Affinity Photo 2

Could you describe the use case?

We don’t support resizing in PS because we offer a filter plug-in that is unable to resize your layer. If it is useful, we could consider allowing cropping or zooming into the image, as long as the layer size remains unchanged.

(Gigapixel includes an Automate plugin that can resize your document, but we refrained from adding it to Topaz Photo AI without a really compelling use case.)

why is resizing not supported in the Photo AI plugin for photoshop 2023 elements?

all my plugins work except gigapixel, is it related?

Additional plugins and third party plugins:

ApplyImageDataFilter NO VERSION
GatherImageDataFilter NO VERSION
Topaz DeNoise AI 18.0
Topaz Gigapixel AI NO VERSION
Topaz Sharpen AI 18.0

Plugins that failed to boot:

Topaz DeNoise AI NO VERSION - - from file “tltopazdenoiseaips.8bf”
Topaz Sharpen AI WITHOUT VERSION - - from file “tltopazsharpenaips.8bf”

Thanks lot…

Resizing is not supported because GigaPixel and Photo AI require as they require an automation plug-in which, in Photoshop, is accessed through the automation menu. The reason is that filters cannot resize the canvas on return.

For DeNoise and Sharpen make sure that the latest plugins are being used.

Instructions are here:

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This feature request could belong in it’s own thread. Affinity Photo 2, as well as most editors that support PS filters (.8bf) files, do not support automation plugins anyways. Fortunately for Affinity Photo 2 specifically, there is a plugin API being developed, and in the future when it’s released (and assuming it supports resizing) TPAI may be able to support resizing for that program.

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Thanks for that information and good news! I missed that Affinity thread as I didn’t associate ‘Scripting’ with making the app ready for enhanced plugin support.

It’s honestly really annoying. All the time I want to use PhotoAI on an image I’m working on in Photoshop and instead of just being able to click, click done, you have to open PhotoAI, go find the image file, save from photoshop first, run PhotoAI, reopen in Photoshop. It’s clumsy and annoying enough that half the time I just eat it and enlarge with Photoshopes meh detail enlarge option.

Even stranger, I swear to god at some point PhotoAI was in the automate menu with Gigapixel. Don’t ask me how, I’m sure I’d be told it was impossible, but I swear it was somehow, and it was a delightful crack in reality, but that was a few Adobe reinstalls ago at least.

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Oh, and what’s the use case is a strange one. What’s the use case for the plugin at all in photoshop. You can just use PhotoAI right? That plugin has no use case. Or if it does have a use case, I’m just shy of certain that use case would apply to the enlarge feature as much as it would the denoise or whatever else. For most, th enlarge is probaby one of the more important features honestly - for a lot of people it’s just gigapixel without having to also run to the 2-3 other apps for a bit of extra. So if there is a use case for a plugin in photoshop at all, it’s wild to wonder about a use case for a key feature of PhotoAI as part of that plugin.

@gabe.schiff-verre Thanks for the suggestion and everybody else for commenting.

@anthony.lawn Is actually working on the automate plugin for PS which will enable resizing. Your feature requests make a lot of sense because having this functionality will really reduce the time it takes to edit your images.

We appreciate your patience as we get this built for you.

I Bought Photo Ai today and am disappointed too that resizing is not included in the plugin version, would make workflow much quicker, and gets my vote!! :slight_smile: