Resize movie 576.i widescren

I would like to upload in VAEI v. 3 a .m2v file, 25 fps, 576.i widescreen, with a 1024x576 resize command.
I tried with Asintyh but I understand there is a licensing problem in V3.
To avoid making a switch with virtualdub, I tried a command via an ffmpeg command via VAEI GUI commands (CLI)
A normal ffmpeg command would be:
“ffmpeg -i input.m2v -vf scale = 1024: 576”
This syntax is not good for CLI VEAI
What syntax for CLI?

Many Thanks for your help

-vf scale=w=1024:h=574

Many thanks
With this syntax
“ffmpeg -i C: \ input.m2v -vf scale = w = 1024: h = 576”
It asks me to specify the output.
What output to load the movie in the VEAI GUI ?.

I worry about those extra spaces you keep putting in there.
ffmpeg -i C: \ input.m2v -vf scale = w = 1024: h = 576
should be
ffmpeg -i C:\input.m2v -vf scale=w=1024:h=576
What format do you want the output in? The output is always the last thing in the command, and the container is implied with whatever extention you give it. (example C:\Output.mkv)
You’ll need a -c:v before that to define the video encoder and parameters.

Your command so far is not even using the TVAI upscaling. I hope that’s intentional. If not, use the GUI to set everything how you want it, then click export. Then right click the job and stop it. Then copy the ffmpeg command. That will give you a better reference of how to use the CLI.