Resize function missing in Version 2

Where is resize function? The resize function was on the lower right in version 1 and worked well. I used it often. Now that I have upgraded, that function is no longer seen, though I see it in settings. Also I am disappointed that I cannot control adjustment settings on the main page now.

You know that if you just read the onscreen options or the user guide you will see it is clearly visible at the top of the processing options and is called upscale.

Note: Even in v1 it was called “UPSCALE”, Resize is the terminology ON1 Photo RAW uses.

That’s nice but the upscale option does not appear in the Photoshop plug-in, only when the program is utilized independently.

It does under the File-> Automate menu. The filter option does not allow canvas adjustment.

Thank you Don for steering me to the alternate location. It does not seem to make sense in changing the plug-in features. The software engineers could not leave well enough alone. Couldn’t they stick resizing back in the plug-in like it used to be?

You’re welcome, but this is the way it has always been for use in PS because of limitations with the plugin interface for PS. You cannot alter the structure of an image via plugin filters.

I’m going to have to disagree on this. In version 1, the resize feature was built within the Photoshop plug-in. I used the resize function many times.

Well you are 100% wrong, PS cannot handle it that way. If you don’t believe me reinstall v1 and see.

You can download from here: