Requesting M1 Status - May 2021

Hello Topaz Labs!

M1 Macs have been out for quite some time now - about six months. In that time, they’ve had proven performance, and many applications, including probably all major photo editors, have release M1 native applications.

I would strongly urge you at this point to post an update to where you are at in the process.

I know from version histories that you had a major re-write to some of your software, which is fantastic and much appreciated. Especially DeNoise is industry leading. I would warn you that without updates you risk losing customers.

Thanks for your consideration. Even just having a scope of the problem, and a timeline will be helpful to us waiting…

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I believe support is there now only that there is a problem with Adobe …

Thanks for the quick reply! At least on my system according to Activity Monitor, they’re still Intel…

Frankly, even if we had to run them standalone for now until the Adobe plugin thing works again, I’d take it.

I see you’re a beta tester, though – are you an M1 user?

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Yes, it’d be good to get an update, particularly as the new MacBook Pro have hardware support for AI and so should run faster on that hardware than they do through Rosetta (although Sharpen AI is still usable).