Request: Snapshots for comparison

A feature similar to Photoshop’s snapshot which I can save “snapshots” of image results based on different settings and ability to compare them quickly back and forth or side by side. Currently it can compare between original vs result, but I am taking about extending that to let’s say original vs upscaling by standard vs high fidelity vs low resolution with face detection, etc.

@so.nakagawa Thanks for sharing.

We’ve gotten multiple requests for this and are currently discussing the best way to implement this in a future release!

Gigapixel has a quad setting preview mode so something like that - improved with the option to toggle step thru settings as it is easier to compare at the pixel level when they are in the same place (like eye doctor does not show you A AND B they show you A OR B).

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The eye doctor analogy is great. I’ll bring it up at our next team discussion.

Note that TPAI already does original or enhanced in place compare, or at least it did as I have not tested the new ui so an extension of that to select compares. IIRC there is or was a pixel shift bug though.

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