Request Presets Manager

I love that Topaz Studio allows me to use Presets others have saved for Public use. But this also means I have access to what seems like a hundred or more…I know I can mark any Preset as a Favorite and/or a Like, and thus have them set aside as a subset that I can scroll thru rather than ALL of them. But I’d ALSO like the ability to create more custom-named ‘folders’ of Presets besides just Favorite or Like (for example, maybe presets that are more narrow in utility, like Frames or Special Effects like a starry sky). Finally, I’d like the ability to delete any Preset that I’ve created (if this already exists, I have missed it?) and especially to NOT view or even delete from my scrolling presets that I know I have NO interest in using.


If you look at the bottom of the preset you will see a hamburger menu (far right side next to the heart) click on that and you will see where you can delete your preset as well as favor, unfavored, or edit the preset.

Thanks; I forgot that I once saw this feature…so now I can delete (or
edit the category of) my own presets.
Still, the other part of the Presets requests still would be nice. :wink:

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I’d like that too. But in the meantime, I have a couple of workarounds. Here is one of them…Let’s say you like a variety of sketch effects and want to have them display together.

-When there is an effect on the left that I like, I apply it to an image; let’s say it’s Artist Sketch L

-Make a small change to any of the adjustment sliders in the stack on the right, then the click the Save Effect icon at the bottom of the adjustment stack.

-When the save dialog box appears, start the name with the type of effect, i.e., Sketch Artist SketchL (or you can totally rename it and perhaps put the original name in the description for future reference)

-You can search on tags too, so tag it…maybe Pencil & Black & White

Then when searching back in the effect panel, change the sort order to A-Z and all your renamed effects will appear like this:

There are other ways to refine it, so if you want more info while we wait for Topaz to make that feature available, let me know :slight_smile:

Oh, this is a good idea. In fact, perhaps this is why I see shared
Presets with a common element in the title… which I had thought were
perhaps a kind of ‘branding’ thing, for an ‘artist’ to demonstrate their
‘filter talent’ to potential clients/followers. :wink:

But now that I think of it, maybe they were just/also cleverer than I,
and were using this workaround earlier!

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The hint about custom-naming (and then sorting for that name in Like or Favorite folders) is great, BUT…

I have found that I can NOT delete the presets that I have saved IF they were NOT created in Topaz Studio ITSELF. First, I did try the ‘delete’ function found in the ‘hamburger’ :wink: … and it SAYS it’s deleting it. But it’s not. (Yes, even after closing and opening TS. I think it may have even had a minor upgrade in the interim.)

So I think these presets were created in the Topaz Plug-ins BEFORE they were accessible from Topaz Studio (yes, I can still access mine thru menus in PS and LR). So, from within TS, I opened each of my plug-ins and manually deleted each custom preset in each plug-in… it said it was doing so.

Alas, these STILL were not gone in Studio (but they do appear to be gone in each plug-in, at least).

Topaz, please find out how our custom pre-Studio-created presets can REALLY be deleted IN Studio; thanks.