Repeat request for help with slow model downloads. Last one went unreplied

Hi. I am trying to download models for sharpen AI4 and Gigapixel AI 6. My Internet is capable of around 2.5MB/s (20-25 mbps) and is reliable for all sorts of work, from downloads to YT. I do have limited data allowance. I want to download all at once so I can do it in off-peak hours, which has a much larger allowance.

Topaz downloads struggle to get over 300MBPS ERRR 300 _K_BPS and so far have failed several times, after downloading an unknown amount.

EDIT: whilst trying to download the model at 350KBps I can try downloading another large file and see a total speed of 2500KBps, so the newer download is getting over 2000KBps. This is NOT causing a failure of the model download. If I download actual offline versions of programmes such as Gigapixel, I get the full 2500KBps bandwidth.

EDIT I am watching a Dl now and it’s down to 60KB/s. This characteristic of a prelude to failure, here and at other sites that have large content to DL.

I guess my questions are:

what is happening?
If the download fails, have I partially downloaded and only need to download the rest?

Thanks for any help, here.


Here’s the speeds I get on my 100Mbs fiber link…

Topaz download speeds 06-27-22

BTW, I apologize on behalf of the forums, but even though this forum is named Product Technical Support you will rarely, if ever, get an actual employee to respond here. You should have better success by opening a formal support ticket.

Thanks for the reply, but that does not help. As I said, if I download any programmes from Topaz they work fine. IT’s only the models that are like this.

Sorry, I skimmed over that.

That will take a deep-dive on the server side for through-put trouble-shooting. The next step would be to open a formal support ticket.

Here’s the SOP:

Haha and I now realise that you said that before, so I also skimmed, on your post :grimacing:.

I placed a request some time back, but we became tied up in the fact that if I did get models downloaded, the RAW setting for Denoise was not “sticking” and was not working on my photos at all. I’ll have another go, as that seems to be sorted.