Repair Mov Pro Res file?

Is there a software out there for windows, which can repair broken mov files?

VEAI crashed and video can’t be played in VLC or MPC, it’s also not recognised in Handbrake or VirtualDub with FFmpeg plugin, neither can it be repaired with programs like Wondershare RepairIt (which I read is capable of). Any ideas?

It comes with a Free version; so, just try it out. :slight_smile:

Personally, I doubt it will do any good. .mov headers are only added when VEAI is done. But, more importantly, what will do you with, say, 3/4th of a crash-recovered movie? You could use AviSynth to start at a certain frame, and then splice things together; but honestly, in the time it took you to write the post, and wait a day for a response, having redone the job for it woud likely already have been done by now. :slight_smile:

Took 2-3 days to the point where it crashed…

Any other recover programs for windows which could do the job?

Old thread but people like me are gonna find it via Google. If you have a broken “temp” ProRes file, use UnTrunc … Just tried it and it works. Dump a little preview file using the same settings as the broken MOV file, and set that in the UnTrunc GUI as the “reference”.

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