Renewal/upgrade price if i own both products

I own Photo AI and am considering Video AI.
I am not finding any information about renewal pricing if you own both products.
Is there a single license cost or are these product licenses upgraded separately.

The licenses for these two Topaz Labs products are totally separate and not generally bundled. Video AI is not part of the Photo Bundle. Owning one doesn’t get you a break on the price of the other, except when there is a specific promotion to that effect. When you login to topazlabs and open the page for your account, you can see what they think you’re licensed for and what they’re offering to renew or add to your account at what price. Sometimes in past years they’ve had a sale to add a product(s) you’re not licensed at a lower price than someone totally new to Topaz, but whether they will do that again in the future, I don’t know.

Renewal prices may vary depending where you’re coming from (whether an outright owner of a particular version or a one-year upgrade plan subscriber) and whether there’s a periodic promotion, but what I’m currently seeing is an offer to upgrade from Photo AI 1 to Photo AI 2 and get a year of updates to Photo AI for about $80 (discounted for the next week or two from $100) and an offer to get an additional year of updates and upgrades to Video AI for about $120, taxes not included.