Rendezvous with an Accused Murderer (2005 short film restoration)

I wasn’t sure where to post this, as I didn’t see a “video show off” section. But I did want to show off a heavily damaged and aged short film, totally restored. This was shot in 2005 on an old school Digital8 handycam, restored then upscaled with Topaz Video Enhance. Most of it turned out clear as if it was shot yesterday, but some of it you’ll see film has limits. I hope you enjoy. Huge thank you to Topaz! Their software is incredible, as you’ll see.

How do you like working with the Topaz Video Enhance?

What are the features you find you’re using most? And, what features do you wish were in the product?

I don’t work with video. But I’m intrigued to hear what other people do and how they use the various products in creative ways…