Renders/previews: Iris + Proteus renders don't work (A and B are the same), ALL RENDERS disappear in the queue

Wow. This is hands down the buggiest version yet. Completely dysfunctional money back type behavior. This is the current version and the previous version.

Issue #1: So, Iris doesn’t work at all. Neither does Proteus. Adjust all you want, the preview will not load, A/B are identical. I don’t know if it’s on other models. I don’t have time to deal with this BS and suss out every nonfunctional component.

Issue #2: As soon as you click away from the preview list—say to attempt a different model/adjust manual setting, or just to audition a previous render again—the last preview (and all other previews) are gone, disappeared, “unprocessed.”

Issue #3: All new renders default to Iris. If you process one preview as proteus, then go to tweak those settings: SURPRISE! You’re back in Iris!

Issue #4: switching between previews throws up a major A/B timeline glitch in the previewed region (See screenshot). As you can see, it is still considered “unprocessed” even though it’s in the marker region that was processed just 3 seconds previous, before clicking away.

  1. Mac mini M1, 16gb ram, running Monterrey 12.7.3, latest Video AI

  2. I am happy to forward the support log to a team member.

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Update: instant render WORKS for Iris and Proteus

Issue #5: Aion frame interpolation doesn’t work (brings up “ERROR”)–perhaps there’s some finer print I’m not aware of as that is a new model to me

Can you share the logs here or send them to the support team directly at

The preview issue is known and we are trying to get that patched and resolved quickly but it is taking some time to do so.

Aion is a very memory-intensive model and needs at least OSX 13 or newer to run properly.

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I figured it might be something like that with aion.

I’ll send in the bug report asaic.

Please fix the preview issue, it’s an enormous regression, and removes essential functionality. I simply cannot compare any two settings any longer, as soon as I switch to a previous preview, all preview renders vanish. Also: the preview now needs to be complete before I can even preview the first frame, also a regression. Finally: lots of crashes. I’ve already resigned to this product being incredibly unstable and generally having a pretty bad UI with nonstandard behavior (also: ANY video playback whatsoever is incredibly slow), but I’ll have to start looking at alternatives soon unless this is fixed. (I’m on an M1 Mac with 16 gigs of RAM. Previous versions of the software worked much, much, much better. This is not okay. At all. As mentioned above, this is refunds category.) And once you fix this, please just rebuild the UI for the Mac so that at least about 70% of it actually works: it’s a horrible disaster. Any other app with such UI I’d delete immediately; you provide excellent functionality so I’m tolerating this BS for a few more weeks, but that’s it.