Rendering a 30 fps clip to 60 fps

When I render a 30 fps clip to 60 fps, this is the result. Instead of 60 fps, the clip now has 15360 fps!
Which after 3 tries. Again and again the same resultat.

I don’t know how to get ProRez to work. Image sequences are pretty easy to get right though.
You can output to images, then load the images back in. Down in the input box, right click the source and set the frame rate to the correct amount. Set the output to ProRes. Make sure you are not doing any enhancements or anything and hit export.
Just did a test run and it work properly. I think the best results come from slowmo x2 with the Apollo model. (For 24 and 23.976 fps slomo 2.5x works the best to get near 60 fps, but you have to use the command line to get it to run that.)

You’ll have to add the sound back in after, but if you’ve been using earlier versions, this should be a problem you have already found a solution to.