Render times?

So I have a rtx 3060 would it be worth it going to a 3080

Right now upscaling a TV show episode from 480p to 720p takes 1hr and 50min or 2hrs using proteus

Does anybody have render times here with a 3080 they can share

With the Proteus model, depends a lot on your CPU too.

so which would you recommend i get a xeon or regular i7

Xeons are slow but make up for it with core counts. More cores won’t help unless you start running 5+ instances of VEAI. The i7 have higher single core speeds and should complete things faster.

Personally I have a Ryzen 9 5000 series because it’s less power-hungry and more speedy. If you get any of that series, you should see meaningful speed gains. I hear AMD’s going to launch a new series if a few months. Might be worth the wait.

I gotta i7 now its a monster 3930k which is great for basic programs like Wondershare but slow for this

which should I upgrade to cause the 2hr for each ep is a way long time for a series

According to VEAI FAQ,
The minimum hardware requirement for Video Enhance AI :
An Intel CPU from 2015 onwards or an AMD CPU from 2016 onwards are our minimum requirements for the CPU. Also, VEAI require CPU support AVX2 Instructions.

The Intel Core i7-3930K Sandy Bridge Processor were released in 2011. Sandy Bridge Processor doesn’t support AVX2. So it doesn’t meet the min. hardware requirement for VEAI.

I see so do you get better times then me with a 25 min clip using proteus going from 480 to 720

Here is a spread sheet showing VEAI performance on different hardware set up.

You can download the source video from the link below: (720p 30fps)

Benchmark Settings: 200%Scaling, Preferences Maxed VRAM, Disable “Reduce GPU Load”

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For a 25 minute clip and an RTX 3060, you should be seeing process times that are more like 35 minutes. Once you are able to get a new CPU in your mix, I think that will solve it.
I have a machine that has a GTX 1060 and an i5-4690k and it takes about 4 hours to do a 25 minute clip from 480p to 1080p. The i5-4690k came out in 2014 and the spec page says it does have AVX2. Maybe it’s the GPU, but it’s pretty slow.

I see i always thought that it was the program needing to be more optimized and would take years for the program to be able to use the gpu more I had topaz since last year

And I always have thought like in 2 more years we should be able to do vids in 30 mins with monsters like a 3080-90 I was right in my thoughts but not the program needing years to get the performance

Cause if I should be able to do 35 mins that would mean my card is a monster for the program

My info was read on reddit last year saying the program uses the gpu mostly and cpu doesn’t matter so thats been my thought process every since

A person said days ago on there my times are normal

Would i need to get a strong i7 that is older like a great 5960x or would i need to go to a newer i7 which is the most important thing I should look for

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I don’t know any more. I just found a 25 minute show and fired it up. 480p to 720p projected to take 10 minutes longer than 480p to 1080p. And I was very wrong. The Ryzen 9 5900X with an RTX 3080 ti says it will take about an hour.
I seem to remember someone saying VEAI uses GPU memory speeds and bandwidth. The 3060 is not in the same league as the 3080 or above for memory specs (Not amount, just speeds). I also hear the Radeon RX 6800 and above are faster than all the Nvidia cards in VEAI.

Again, I just don’t know anymore. It might be okay. I would think something with a higher clock speed like the i7 7700k, would do better, but don’t get that unless you can get someone with that exact setup to pipe in.

Makes sense to me should I just get a i9 i see on ebay they have 7900 which is a older one but you know the 9s is the strongest cpus so even if its not the new line of the 10 ones it should do real good I would expect

I like to stick with Nvidia just cause the driver updates are more stable for me

Does the amd performance show a good jump in proteus to