Render Farm with two PCs

I’m thinking about trying to setup a render farm with two PCs. One with RTX 3090 and One with RTX3080. Ideas? Can this be done? Looking for advice.

TVAI is not made in a way to be very compatible with a render farm setup. Several of the models need information about multiple frames. There is no easy way to split the work between two computers—unless you are processing several videos. Then just have one video processing on each computer.

I have two computers setup for TVAI. I use one to find optimal settings and the other to process full videos with those found settings. I made a script to automate the steps: Read the optimal settings, un-DVD things and make cuts if needed, run AI models (denoise → enhance → interpolate), transcode to H.265 then merge all the audio, subtitles and chapters back in.

The second computer gets used kind of similar to a render farm. I give it a batch of videos to run over night. Come back in the morning and they’re all done.

That’s what I have been doing using two PCs. Thanks for the input about render farm.