Removing Images from Queue after they are processed

How does one remove images from the Queue after they have been processed and saved ?
I experience the Photo AI repeatedly saving all the images in the queue each time a new image is processed.

Once you’ve saved the processed version, you’d have to remove the original from the filmstrip. Then you can go ahead and process and export additional images.

I understand this isn’t ideal, we’re working on improvements to the export settings. Thanks for understanding!

Thank-you Tim for your expertise. I kinda answered my own inquiry. Just couldn’t figure how to close an image. At the very bottom of the working screen is an exceptionally small up/down arrow. Should the arrow be pointed up one cannot view the thumbnails. And one might even know this thumbnail bar exists.

I did not. Found it accidentally. On a Apple Mac the command Command “W” will close the highlighted image. OR one can click on the even smaller 3 dots to view a few additional options.
Thanks again,. John LeClair

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I’m glad you found it! We’ve noted your feedback about the UX.