Removing Chromatic aberration (color fringing)

A common camera lens related artifact found often in old analog videos
is chromatic aberration (CA).

Is this in the roadmap of features for video enhancements and restoration
we could see at some point in Video Enhance AI?

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Good suggestion!

Yes, this is needed as a model, or as part of a model that can be fine tuned like the other settings (noise reduction, sharpen, etc.) in Proteus/Iris.

I will post this as a feature request unless you want to?


Hey David, I moved this to the ideas section, can you please vote for it?


Done and thanks!

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This would be a great feature when working with raw files. My Nikonm z50 internally removes cromatic abberations but only when saving images to .jpg format.

That would be a absolutely great addition, hard to handle otherwise, yet, from an information-wise standpoint (beeing a machine-learning guy myself) the information is mainly there (different effects on different color channels. So, i think, it sould be a worthy addition, well doable.
This affects, to be hoest, mainly the photographers shooting with fast lenses, however – so, maybe a niche.