Remove tool

The remove tool now on 2.2.1 is either crashing or taking a long time to do a simple remove, about 3 minutes. If I do just PAI Sharpen on the same image, it takes about 3 seconds.

No issues for me on my M1 Mac. Less than a minute on a JPG, HEIC and DNG.

What is your file size?

A minute is not exactly fast.

I have never expected it to be v fast and it almost always works v well. I am sure people who have an M3 Mac get greater speed. My main gripe is that there is no Undo/Revert button yet, only Reset. But it IS still in beta.
244kb, 1.6Mb, 25.1Mb respectively.
(Please add you hardware specs to your profile)

The HEIC was probably the most complex task I set. It actually took longer to paint in the remove mask than to process it. I ran it again and it took 34" from start to finish!

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Only 25mb?

I’m using Win11.

They said some weeks ago, they were going to speed it up, but it seems slower now.

I can’t say I have noticed it getting slower, but that might be GPU-dependent.
My raw files are all around 25Mb (Sony APC cameras)

Not using RAW in Topaz. Some files after RAW conversion are rather large,
150mb +.
Nearly a minute for 25mb, seems slow.

Nearly a minute, or just over 30" I am not in a rush and I have only used the tool “seriously” on a few images, mainly to clear out distracting elements on the edge of frames.

Problem is the first time, it was not responding, then after about 3 minutes, it crashed. I then had to start again, it was quicker for some reason but still very slow. Even getting the brush to move was a job, If I only had 25mb file it probably would only take about 10 seconds.

As I said Sharpen only took 3 seconds to process.

The size of the file doesn’t make any difference. I removed some people from a 300MB panorama: it took about 30" again.
What is more likely to make a difference is the complexity of the remove.

Well it does on my system.

It was not complex at all, just a post in the sea.

File size isn’t really important for the duration of the remove process - more the resolution.

But even with that here the processing times don’t really seem to vary that much on neither the complexity of the mask nor the images resolution.