Remove Tool with humour

After removal of some ugly, twigs, the remove tool invented two orange birds (see left bottom of the uploaded image).

Settings: Speed/Quality Medium, Padding Normal.

Apparently, this AI tool has quite some humour.

Steps to reproduce issue:

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  3. Step 3

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Make sure you choose the correct Guidance for the models …

What do you mean? Maybe “user error”? Maybe you want to point out that the “birds” would not have appeared if I selected “keep area” instead of the default “erase area”?

Please understand, I do not want to necessarily report this as a bug and enter into the quite common back and forth “user error” vs. program error. I just found this creative behaviour of the removal tool worth mentioning. And this with an honest smile on my face.

Besides, it was easy to remove the “birds” with a second removal stroke, also with the default “erase area” setting. So really no issue. Otherwise, I appreciate the removal tool a lot for very complicated removal situations, where I am unable to achieve satisfactory results with other editors.

And thank you for the hint, I will give the “keep area” option a try in the future.

Mmmmm, dinner!

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