REMOVE TOOL: "Object selection" inaccurate; software crashing when applying remove tool V2.4.0 to raw file

2 Issues when applying “remove” to a raw file (RAF):

  • not able to “object select” small twigs in front of an animal. Much larger area (entire) animal is selected even when zoomed in substantially.
  • Software crashes if you “clear” wrong selection and try again when even further zoomed in.

These issues do not appear when “remove” is applied to a TIF-Version of the same image (after demosaicing and some denoising and detail enhancement by another editor). In this case, the twigs are well selected and reasonably well filled in after removal, as in the previous version. Maybe that is because the editor producing the TIF added some contrast to the details, which allowed Topaz AI to detect the “objects” more easily. I just realised that the same may also be true for subject detection. In the raw file, the entire image is selected as “subject”. Whereas, in the TIF version of the same image, only the bird is selected as “subject.” Hmm… Maybe I have to learn something here.

Otherwise, version 2.4.0 looks great at first glance, in particular the option to apply many enhancements targeted to masked regions is amazing. Thanks vor this.


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If you care to share your original RAW file via Dropbox or the like, perhaps others will be able to help. Or at least, see if they are encountering the same issues.

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