Remove processed files from temp folder

Temp folder now correctly gets emptied on exit (v, but not intermediately when processing files in a queue! If these temp files are, say, 600G-800G each (typical movie, ProRes 422 HQ), then the wasted space adds up very rapidly. With a queue of 5 movies, we’re already looking at 4T worth of unnecessary disk space used.

Proposal: Remove already processed files from temp folder. (While these files are no longer locked, and can be removed manually, this needs to be done in unattended mode, of course).

As far as I know, only the output of the preview is saved in the temp folder, so it shouldn’t be much of a hindrance. It’s hard for a program to know when you need to clear and when to keep, so it’s more reliable to clean it manually.

That wasn’t the case for me. The output temp fiile of the entire processed 1st episode (ca. 42 min) was kept in the temp folder, at 490G in length (where TVAI had already started processing the 2nd episode).

It’s probably because of the ProRes encoder you’re using, I’ve never used it.