Remove led flickering

Nowadays in video footage often appear all sorts of led displays or lights that tend to flicker. This might be the speedometer in your car as well as the cars back lights or infrared lights by laptops and similar. It would be nice if video ai could reduce or remove such flickering parts in a video. :blush:

I agree. I’ve been a user of Digital Anarchy’s Flicker Free plugin for years. It would be great to have Topaz’ more advanced machine learning improve on repairing flicker.

I have a couple of recordings that have been rendered fairly
useless due to the constant light flicker coming from
LED lights the city uses to light the parking lot it was all filmed at.
I would very much love to remove the flicker.

Is this something VideoAI could remove for me?

I have tried to doubling and trippeling the layer one frame off and two frames off, that didn’t work.

Resolves built in feature didnt work.

Wondershare Repair it didnt work.

I made this suggestion too here some time ago. :slight_smile:

I filmed in an semiconductor-devices lab. There were many types of monitors, and some very bad flickering. I did the double-triple layer, but only 5 layers helped. (I notice when I go frame by frame, the cycle seems to loop every fifth frame…) So maybe even more layers might help. After some more testing, what is best for me is “Lighter Color” at 100% opacity, with 4 additional layers, each scooted over by 1 frame from the layer below it. [Other tests: I did opacity 50% and no blending mode. Lighten and Screen also seemed to do something, with 20% or 50% or 70% opacity. I had it great, but tweaked it further and lost my settings.] The lab tech moved a little bit to the left and right when speaking, and so a mask would have been more time/work.

This is a good suggestion and a problem that is now commonplace.
I’ve had several situations for removing flicker in my current project using Premiere Pro. The triple layer technique usually helps (not always) but does soften video.
This is a powerful tool that TopazLabs should focus some resources on for Video Ai.

Deflicker from tvs/lights