Remember setting these?

(Mond) #1

(Dragonpainter) #2

I do. I may still have the gauges to set “A.”

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(Mond) #3

Me too. It was always a challenge to find top dead centre.

(Dragonpainter) #4

Using a little white marker and a strobe, along with gapping the new plugs.
That was a long time ago.

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(BobKramer) #5

Really like the technique you used …

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(Kenneth Kovach) #6

I really like theses illustrations and your processing works great with it.

And despite the comments I still have no idea what it is…

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(Mond) #7

It’s a distributor from an old Morris Minor. Every so many miles you had to service it and set the gap between the points (A) so the plugs fired in sequence and at the right time. It was a pain in the backside.

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(Peter) #8

I really, really love this.
Could you reveal roughly how you processed this one. I assume the original was a b&w?

(Mond) #9

I wish I could. It was a preset using AI Remix and Impression, I think. My presets have a mind of their own, sometimes they are there and sometimes they are not. At the moment, they are not.