Remask Export Issue

I masked out a Sandhill Crane in Remask. At 100% the crane looks decent. When I export it as a TIFF, Image Compression = NONE, Bit depth = 16, sRGB color space, transparency, the pixels at 100% are visible. I don’t remember having this issue in the past, but can’t figure out what I may have done different. Seems like the mask always looks better once I export it, not worse.

Please provide a screenshot of the image, with the transparency showing and at 100% so we can see an area where it is obvious. Also post details of your PC environment.

Don, I had intended to do that but don’t see any icons to upload images. Would you be so kind as to provide a tip or two on how to do this?


It’s the 7th icon from the left that looks like an upward arrow. If you hover over them you should see a tool tip.

Thank you. The top is what a portion of the image looks like in Remask. The bottom is what it looks like after exporting from Remask and opening in PS.

I’m using Windows 10, Lightroom and Photoshop CC.

Generally, a Remask export looks better than it did in Remask, and usually better than the raw original image as well.

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When you say exporting from ReMask and opening in PS CC, do you mean that you are using ReMask as plugin or a standalone and then opening the resulting TIF in PS?

Is it possible to upload the resulting TIF image somewhere, such as DropBox or any other file sharing service so we can see what the characteristics of the mask are?

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Here is the link:

Interestingly, it looks much better when I open the mask in PS directly from a windows folder than when I open it as a layer, which is what I uploaded on this thread.