Reinstalling Standalones on a new computer

General question on when you have to reinstall any of the non legacy stand-alones on a new tower or laptop.
For the Legacy products, there is an actual link which enables you to reinstall the applications on a new tower or laptop. How is this going to work with the stand-alone products which are being updated on a regular basis now that the grace period has ended for any products purchased more than a year ago? Will the TopazLabs share drive know what legit version you had last when you attempt to reinstall and reinstall that version only? Or will you get an error message stating you are not eligible for the download and will “HAVE” to buy an upgrade license(s) to reinstall the products you already own. Sorry if this was answered in the original post with 1000 replies but a search didn’t come up with an answer that I could see.


Good question because I own Adjust AI and Studio 2. I had to get a new computer and downloaded and installed these products with no problem. However, I have no idea if the Topaz download remembered which version I had or if there have been no major upgrades requiring extra money since I first registered them.

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If it isn’t available in the product releases section on this forum, raise a support request at the main website.

Thank you. Since my upgrade license price was prorated due to still having a few products within the 1st year purchase period, I went ahead and purchased the license - the two products that I use the most had expired - so I good for the next year. It is nice to know that the older version/updates will be be available in the product release section. I will be sure to write down Version and update sequence number once my upgrade licenses do expire so that I know what to download on a future install. (link provided for reference: Product Releases - Topaz Discussion Forum)