Reinstall AI 2.3.0 can't start on reinstalled win10 , AI only initiate after 3rd attempt each with same error message

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Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Topaz Photo AI (2.3.0) on Windows 10, I reinstalled my Photo AI 2.3.0 on my WIN 10 which was crashed and then reinstalled. On pressing the Photo AI logo to initiate, a message appeared on the computer saying "Topaz Photo AI.exe - image error. Maybe C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\nvcuda.dll is not designed for Window execution, error code 0xc000012f "

I closed the error message once by clicking the x in the top right-hand corner, the error message reappeared, I then force closed it 2 more times, on the 4th clicking, the AI software launched.
It’s a nuisance to have to initiate the software with several error messages and have to force close them several times to get to the launch.

Please assist

This error comes from the system and usually means your NVIDIA GPU drivers are out of date. What GPU do you have?

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