Refuses to enlarge a JPEG or a PSD

Latest version Will not enlarge a file… I feel like I spend more time trying to get your products to work than I get to actually do something with them. I’ve spent a couple hours trying different things and reinstalling and I just about had it. It is a great app when it works.

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Are you receiving any error messages when you attempt to upscale one of the images you are referring to?

Does the application crash?

The app doesn’t crash. It works fine from Lightroom the latest version of classic but if I have the image in Photoshop 21 that goes through the process when it doesn’t do anything to the image in terms of enlarging it. It immediately puts a giga layer on. And stays the same size. The app itself doesn’t even show up.

Just to clarify, when you attempt to send an image from Photoshop to Gigapixel through the File > Automate workflow, Gigapixel does not open and a Gigapixel layer is added to the image?

Yes and the image stays the same sizeIt gives me a duplicate layer and that’s it